The Wonderful FriBID (on Firefox and Gentoo)

Published on 2011-03-31

I’ve neglected to mentioned this, but since my older rant on the BankID software, also known as Nexus Safe Personal. There is now a libre alternative for us linux users! It is called FriBID1.

Now note that I am not a FriBID developer, I merely like to endorce its use over Nexus Safe Personal. In fact, I’ve made available a FriBID ebuild, much to the rejoice of Gentoo and Funtoo communities… Many banks do not, however, check the correct application mimetype2 for this software but assume that the executable have a specific name. This means that in order to make it work with your bank you need to do some javascript hacking. I’ve constructed a simple example GreaseMonkey script to be used with Skandiabanken3. But that is it!

Hopefully FriBID will outlive Nexus Safe Personal and the world will be rid of yet another piece of crapware.

  1. This is a swedish abbreviation which roughly translates to (Libre Bank Identifiaction) since “Fri” in Swedish does not translate to “Free” in English

  2. application/x-personal-authentication

  3. This is incidentally my own missbehaving bank