Installing Chrome in Wine

Published on 2010-04-12

Chrome doesn’t work under FreeBSD. No big surprise there so what to do? Install a version of Wine, I use 1.1.42, and download winetricks:

cp winetricks ~/bin/.

In order to make fonts look good under Chrome we need to install the windows fontpacks… To do this just run the “allfonts” target in winetricks.

winetricks allfonts

Download the stand alone chrome setup, not the networked one. And run it through wine. To actually run chrome you will need to add some options to wine, namely “–new-http –no-sandbox”. My script for launching Chrome looks like the following:

cat ~/bin/chrome
wine "C:\\users\\edwtjo\\Local Settings\\Application Data\\Google\\Chrome\\Application\\chrome.exe" \
  --new-http \

And we’re done!